Morning Docket: 12.02.16

* “You’d think the least attractive school would charge the lowest price. What they’re doing is admitting students with relatively low LSAT scores, and charging them a high price for gambling on them.” According to this higher-ed market analyst, 10 to 15 law schools may close if student enrollment continues to shrink and tuition continues to rise. [ABA Journal]

* Attorneys working at the nation’s highest-grossing Biglaw firms are not only making money hand over fist right now, but they’re going to be quite well off come retirement time, too. The top 10 largest 401(k) plans in Biglaw each have more than $700 million in assets. Which firm came out on top? We may have more on this later. [Big Law Business]

* President-elect Trump’s campaign has filed an objection to Jill Stein’s “lawless, insulting request” for a recount in Michigan, commenting on her “tiny vote total” and noting “voters should not risk having the Electoral College door knocked off its hinges all because a 1% candidate is dissatisfied with the election’s outcome.” [USA Today]

* Just because women make up nearly half of all law school classes, it doesn’t mean they have the same job opportunities as their male classmates — and that’s likely because women are “clustered” at lower-ranked schools, meaning they “start at a disadvantage” when it comes to lifetime professional employment. [DealBook / New York Times]

* Come fall 2017, Seton Hall Law will be one of the only schools in the country and the only school in the New York metropolitan area to offer a part-time weekend program for working professionals. The degree is meant to be completed in four years. How much could eight weekends of class cost per semester? About $39,000… [Daily Record]


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