Morning Docket: 12.01.16

* GCs just keep getting raises. Some reports suggest compensation is up almost 7 percent this year. But don’t worry — they’ll still bitch and moan about Biglaw associates getting a small cost of living bump. [Corporate Counsel]

* If you haven’t been paying attention, William & Mary Law School has been on FIRE lately. No, literally, the school is on fire. Call 911. [WAVY 10]

* Seventh Circuit may soon rule en banc to ban sexual orientation bias. You know, until Congress and the President impeach the entire Seventh Circuit to bring it back. Wow that was an absurd sentence and yet it’s entirely plausible right now. [Law360]

* Kelly Drye enters the Texas market. [The Am Law Daily]

* Heroic big banks are demolishing patent trolls while everyone else continues to suffer, which sounds about right. []

* China’s got a new cybersecurity law and it’s not good news for foreign businesses. [Fortune]

* But don’t worry, the U.S. is now just as intrusive with new rules taking effect today that allow judges to order broader government hacking for investigative fishing expeditions. So… yay! [Ars Technica]


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