Non-Sequiturs: 11.29.16

* The New York City Council is considering a measure that would weigh a defendant’s ability to pay in setting bail. One small step away from de facto debtor prisons. [Politico]

* One potential Homeland Security Secretary, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr., isn’t a big fan of habeas corpus. [Slate]

* Trump’s Attorney General pick, Jeff Sessions, isn’t a big fan of laws that protect schoolchildren with disabilities. [Huffington Post]

* West Virginia assistant attorney general Gilbert C. Dickey is heading to D.C. to clerk for Justice Thomas. [West Virginia Record]

* Private prisons, another beneficiary of a Trump administration. [The New Yorker]

* The divorce between between real estate moguls Harry and Linda Macklowe has now dragged their son in to the fray. Harry has filed a lawsuit against his son, William “Billy” Macklowe — just in time for the holidays. [Commercial Observer]


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