Morning Docket: 11.14.16

* Shortly after being urged to settle the Trump University lawsuit, lawyers for President-elect Donald Trump have filed a motion to continue the trial — now scheduled to begin just after Thanksgiving — until after his inauguration in January. If no settlement can be reached, we may get to see a sitting president on trial for fraud. [San Diego Union-Tribune]

* Before he even nominates another judge to take the late Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court, President-elect Donald Trump could significantly alter the high court’s trajectory this term by undoing Obama administration policies on immigration, climate change, cost-free contraceptive care, and transgender rights. [Associated Press]

* Many New York law schools saw their bar exam passage rates soar thanks to the state’s first-time administration of the Uniform Bar Exam this past summer, but some law schools didn’t fare quite as well and saw their passage rates decline. Which law schools did well and which ones didn’t? We’ll have more on this later. [New York Law Journal]

* has filed suit against California over a new law set to take effect in January that will allow actors to conceal their ages in their biographies on the television and film site. The state believes this will prohibit age-based discrimination in Hollywood, but the website claims that the law infringes upon its First Amendment rights. [WSJ Law Blog]

* “It is unfortunate that the DOJ continues to fight for an interpretation of BMI’s consent decree that is at odds with hundreds of thousands of songwriters and composers (and) the country’s two largest performing rights organizations,” but it seems the DOJ hopes the Second Circuit will force BMI to change the way it collects royalties. [Reuters]


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