Morning Docket: 11.04.16

* Can a president self-pardon? With the investigation of her emails by the FBI and talk of impeachment, this may be a question that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton may be asking herself should she win the election. While the Constitution probably permits self-pardons, some legal scholars doubt anyone could do so without violating the rule of law. [WSJ Law Blog]

* Sorry, New Yorkers, but you still can’t take ballot selfies on Tuesday. Judge Kevin Castel refused to issue an injunction blocking enforcement of the law since doing so would “wreak havoc on election-day logistics.” After all, “the public’s interest in orderly elections outweighs the plaintiffs’ interest in taking and posting ballot selfies.” [Reuters]

* “If women don’t start suing, and they simply wait to gradually change those numbers, then you and I are going to be having the same conversation ten years from now and twenty years from now.” More women have been suing their firms, but others are afraid to come forward because they don’t want to be blackballed by peers. [Big Law Business]

* “The only thing they could have done to mitigate this was not to open.” Professors from Indiana Tech Law School may have plans to file suit against the school in the future, but according to Professor Brian Tamanaha, they may be facing an uphill battle because they’ll have to prove that the university misrepresented its intentions. [Indiana Lawyer]

* If you want to be a judge, it may be possible to prepare for your future by focusing on your writing, choosing a law school with great clerkship placements, and researching your law school’s employment statistics to make sure you’ll be able to find a job that’s prestigious enough add credibility to your résumé. [U.S. News & World Report]


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